Aruba Animal Shelter Foundation

At the initiative of veterinary assistant Yvonne Quandus and with the financial support of the Horngrads, an American couple, the Aruba Animal Shelter Foundation was founded in 1987. Since that time, the AASF and its scores of volunteers have been able to save the lives of hundreds of cats and dogs.

In October, 1996 the AASF got its new housing: the Aruba Animal Shelter was opened at Wayaca 128b. Located right next to the veterinary clinic, this is the perfect spot for pets with the vet close by. Without any subsidy of the Government but through donations, sponsoring, with the proceeds of bingos, raffles and the sale of T- shirts and stickers, this newly- built shelter could be realized.

There is room for 18 adult dogs, 18 pups, 10 adult cats and 8 kittens in the shelter. Every year approximately 250 dogs and 100 cats will find a new home via AASF. However, the amount of unwanted pets is still staggering: some 7000, often healthy pets, have to be put to sleep by lethal injection annually.

The goal of the Aruba Animal Shelter Foundation is to improve the living conditions of the pets on Aruba and to lessen the problem of stray animals. AASF hopes to reach that goal by making adoption of pets very attractive. A spayed or neutered dog cost Afl. 150,-  pup costs Afl. 200,- a cat cost Afl. 50,- kitten Afl. 75,-. These pets are healthy, there is blood has been checked, they have had their shots and they are well fed. More importantly, they will not be able to multiply. By organizing various activities, by informing people about the ins and outs of having pets the AASF asks attention for the well- being of animals with the slogan :


Would you like to know more about the Aruba Animal Shelter Foundation or would you like to support us financially ? Please call us from 8 am till 12 pm Monday till Friday & Saturday From 8 am till 3 pm at
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