1. Who works at the Aruba Animal Shelter?
The volunteers!  The shelter is very glad they do because we have only one “paid” volunteer who oversees and plans the daily routines.

2. Are all animals in the shelter put to sleep?
No, if they are healthy they stay with us until we find a home for them.

3. What happens with the animals brought in?
Next to the shelter are the holding areas of the veterinary service where people can leave their unwanted animals to prevent them from being abandoned in the street. Before 1987, when there was no shelter, all these animals were put to sleep. Now healthy and friendly animals can receive a second chance. Unfortunately, a great many of these animals are still being put to sleep. Approximately 7000 pets (cats & dogs ) are put to sleep every year by the Government. The number of animals finding a new home through the Animal Shelter is a great deal less, e.g. 342 dogs and 131 cats. So, still a long way to go!

4. How do the animals end up in the shelter?
The volunteers take a daily look in the holding areas to see if there are animals we can place. These animals have to be either healthy or treatable.

5. Is the animal shelter part of the veterinary services?
No. The animal shelter is a Foundation and totally independent from the government.

6. How does the shelter receive funding?
The animal shelter relies solely on sponsors and donations from businesses and private donors. If you would like to make a donation you can send a check to our P.O. Box 207

7. Is the animal shelter and the ARA the same organization?
No. ARA (Animal Rights Aruba) is an initiative from the animal shelter but operates solely by itself. The main focus of the animal shelter is on cats and dogs and giving useful information to the public. The ARA looks at all the animals in Aruba.