The Volunteers

A typical day for a volunteer starts with a visit to the holding areas where the abandoned animals have been placed.
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These animals will be put to sleep if we don’t care for them. Here we check if there are any cats or dogs that can be homed in the shelter. They don’t have to be “prize winners” but they have to be healthy. Amongst others, we check their skin condition, if the eyes are clean, that they are not too skinny and, most importantly, how the animals react. Not all dogs or cats are the same. We are unable to take animals that are timid as they will prove difficult to rehouse in a good home. It’s a very difficult choice but unfortunately these are choices that we have to make.



The animals that we can place in the shelter will then be bathed, dewormed and all ticks are removed. Thereafter, the animal is taken to the vet who will undertake a professional examination and checking for tick disease and heart worm. If the animal has a treatable disease, treatment will commence immediately. Each day the vet is consulted and all treatments are listed on a chart. The volunteer will make sure the animal receives the recommended pills or lotions on time and many of the volunteers are trained to give subcutaneus injections so that the treatments are continued during the weekends when the vet is unavailable. All adult animals sold are either spayed or neutered before they leave the shelter so the problem with unwanted animals does not increase


Now the hard work begins!  All cages/kennels where the dogs and cats are housed must be cleaned. This is not always pleasant work but the volunteers don’t mind.  The animals need a clean house – just as we do! Before cleaning, when the dogs are still in their kennels, we take a look if the excrement look healthy – this is the easiest way to tell if a dog feels well or not. During the time that the kennels are being cleaned, the dogs can run and play on a large field situated behind the shelter. The cat house is also cleaned daily – cats are very “fussy” animals and need to be kept free of diseases.k-P1290198k-P1290197

When all cleaning tasks have been carried out, the dogs are then checked for ticks and, if necessary, we bathe them with a special shampoo that kills ticks and fleas.

The animal shelter is open to the public, six days a week, Monday to Saturday from 8am till noon.

The volunteers welcome all visitors and those seeking to purchase a dog or a cat. Yes, a charge is made for each animal, however this is only a very small contribution towards the running of the animal shelter. You will be requested to pay one third of the costs and this charge allows us to continue helping other animals at the shelter.

The visitors receive information about the animal they purchase, i.e. it’s character, likes and wants, and if the animal requires special treatment. Any medical treatment will  usually be carried out before the animal leaves the shelter. The best part of the day is spent playing with the animals.  Due to the enormity of the daily tasks, little time remains for play however every second is precious in making our animals feel wanted.



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Volunteer work boring? NO WAY ! Come and visit us at the shelter and see how we work.  Every day brings a new adventure with friends you never thought you’d meet.